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Scorecard examples is a collection of industry best practice scorecard templates that include the most relevant KPIs and Metrics available today!

Replace your Microsoft Excel scorecard with a world-class balanced or business dashboard of your choice.


  • Web-based – share important data internally and externally
  • Multi-User – view and update metric data at the same time
  • Reduce Time and Errors – create automatic roll-ups for executive views and control permissions on who can manage equations

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The advantage of PBL ScoreCard over Excel spreadsheets is that it not only tracks business metrics, but it’s also a one-stop manager of meeting agendas, minutes and monitoring team action register.

Sandy McIntosh

Director of Training, The Kroger Company

Do you spend time fixing spreadsheets due to broken equations and spreadsheet links?

  • Are your scorecards visible for all to see?
  • Are your action plans tied directly to metrics?
  • Are you frustrated that only one (1) person can edit at a time?

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