Top HR Scorecard Metrics

The following collection of top HR Department metrics includes tactically relevant KPIs based on best practices and real-world application. This Human Resources balanced scorecard template can be used to replace your outdated Excel scorecard or for benchmarking the KPIs you currently measure.

Metrics Included with this Template:

  • Reduce the # of positions open to <x per department
  • Reduce the # of days a requisition job has been open from x to y
  • # of offers that need processing
  • Hold a minimum of x on-boarding class per month
  • Increase # of recruits from employee referral to x%
  • Increase the average # of applications per job opening to x
  • # of positions open due to staff terminations
  • # of positions open due to resignations
  • Reduce staff turnover to less than x%
  • Increase the % of HR budget spent on staff training to x%
  • Average cost per FTE
  • Increase # of responses on employee satisfaction survey to x%
  • Achieve x% compliance with employee quarterly reviews
  • # of employees receiving recognition
  • Increase % of supervisor/management team in leadership development program to x%

You may also decide to begin with a customized scorecard and choose some metrics from the full list of HR Department Examples.

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