Top Universities Colleges and Schools Scorecard Metrics

The following collection of top Universities, Colleges and Schools metrics includes tactically relevant KPIs based on best practices and real-world application. This Universities, Colleges and Schools balanced scorecard template can be used to replace your outdated Excel scorecard or for benchmarking the KPIs you currently measure.

Metrics Included with this Template:

  • Improve the % of graduates that were satisfied with the usefulness of their education to x%
  • % of graduates employed in their field of study
  • Reduce the dropout rate from x% to y%
  • Increase the percentage of students meeting full admission requirements and prerequisites
  • Increase the graduation rate for entering freshman
  • # of graduated students
  • # of enrolled freshman
  • Increase the # nationally accredited programs to programs eligible for national accreditation from x to y
  • Increase the % of budget devoted to development and support of faculty and staff
  • Reduce the average cost per program/course by $x.xx
  • # of courses offered
  • Cost per course
  • Increase the % of acceptance to enrollment from x% to y%
  • Increase the number and types of faculty publications, performances, presentations to professional groups, and similar scholarly activities
  • Improve the % of faculty holding teaching diplomas from x% to y%

You may also decide to begin with a customized scorecard and choose some metrics from the full list of Universities, Colleges and Schools Examples.

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